The diamonds of Tinos


A large village with preserved traditional elements. It has a nice view, many archs and beautiful narrow alleys. The best reason to visit the place is the repaired oil mill and the water spring “Lefkes”, because of the trees that abound in the area.

Dio Choria

A village with panoramic view of the Aegean Sea and the surrounding islands. It has plenty of springs, ample vegetation and traditional paths. The square with the plane trees is one of the most beautiful of the island, while a centenarian plane tree accompanies its spring.


It’s one of the oldest villages and the one with the highest altitude. It has wonderful traditional architecture, medieval arches and arcades, cobbled streets, an historical fountain, built in 1823, in the upper square, two large temples, museums and a magnificent view of the Aegean Sea and the island of Mykonos.


A village on the slope of Kehrovounio. You will be enchanted by the whitewashed houses that are next to each other and the exotic vegetation. In the middle of the village you will meet the stone bridge, under which a stream flows and a little further along there is a traditional well.


Newly built houses, pretty courtyards, cobbled paths and the beautiful central square provoke you to visit them and walk among them. The municipal grove is unique in the island, with the post-Byzantine Church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary hiding in it.


The first village you will meet, traveling to the mainland of the island. It is built among three rivers. An absolutely gorgeous spectacle.


A unique village, as it is privileged because of its location, the springs that flood it and its archaeology.


One of the largest villages of Tinos with spectacular view of the island of Syria. Without doubt it’s a “balcony” to the Aegean Sea.


A village in which Orthodox and Catholic residents live together. During summer months, you can visit the Folklore Museum. You can also enjoy your meal in one of its taverns throughout the year and visit its cafes that are made to meet your requirements.


It is close to Steni, overlooking the island of Mykonos and the Sea of Tsiknia, surrounded by greenery and ravines with running water. From here you can visit the beautiful beaches of Santa Margarita and Faneromeni.


If you wish to climb the highest mountain of Tinos, Tsiknias, you will start from here.


It’s the second largest village of Tinos, after Pyrgos, which dates back to 1400AD. Here, there is an art gallery with modern and old exhibits as well as the house of exhibitions with paintings of renown artists.


The largest village of Tinos and one of the oldest, took its name from an old Venetian Tower. It is surrounded by mountains and stands out for its picturesque and beautiful architecture, since it retains the Tinian tradition unchanged. You will find many places and attractions that you can visit.


This settlement is built in a natural port-cove next to a wetland. It is a favorite destination for the visitors, but also for the locals as it combines beautiful picturesque beaches and unique cafés and fish taverns offering fresh fish.


A dream village built in a unique landscape not only of the island but of the whole world as well. The white washed houses are gathered among granite round boulders, drawing the visitors’ interest.

Monastery of Aghia Pelagia

No visitor should omit to visit to this monastery and get to know its history. From the very first moment you will feel incredible peace and tranquility and the view of the island from above will make you believe that you are in the earthly paradise.

Routes not to miss

Triantaros – Dio Choria – Arnados – Steni – Falatados

Driving by car on the “old” and picturesque asphalt road that leads from Chora to the villages, the whole route is wonderful, as well as the scenery around. Fields with stone benches, “dressed” with olive and fig trees, dovecotes and white washed chapels, bridges and ravines and a magnificent view from above to Chora and to the sea. It is a route that in every kilometer there is something different to see and it makes you understand why Tinos is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in Greece.

Tripotamos – Ktikados – Xinara – Loutra – Komi

Having Chora as a starting point, go up the “new” road and head to Pyrgos. After a 5 km drive you will meet Tripotamos with the scattered dovecotes. A stop to admire the scenery is essential and will give you a taste of what is going to follow in the journey. After 1 km you will reach the village of Ktikado, where you will have a cup of coffee and dine having as a view the village of Kionia and the endless blue. After enjoying the scenery continue to the villages Xinara and Loutra. A stop here is imperative as you can visit the museums, the historical Monastery of Oursoulines and the Jesuit Catholic Monastery as well as walk in the verdant settlements. Last stop in the village of Komi, located in the flatland of Tinos with many fruit trees and rich production of agricultural products. From here you can visit the beautiful beach of Kolimpithra, where apart from unforgettable swimming you will enjoy your meal by the sea, as after so many visits to the sights and walking in the previous villages, the food and the dives in this emerald beach will your elixir.

Tour of Tsiknias

For wildlife lovers and the adventurous ones who want to see a different side of the island, they could make the tour of the tallest mountain of Tinos, Tsiknias, but also climb the top. The road although alternating from asphalt to a dirt road, it is smooth and the scenery is breathtaking as on the one side there is the imposing mountain with the steep cliffs and the wild vegetation and on the other side the endless sea. A motorbike journey that will truly remain unforgettable.

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